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Everything Cheeze 3-Pack

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Everything Cheeze is inherently sustainable, shelf stable, and made with the highest quality fair trade organic cashews. It doesn't need to be refrigerated until it is opened, making its environmental footprint drastically lower than traditional dairy-based and plant-based cheese products.

🧀 Plant-Based (Vegan & Dairy Free)
🧀 Gluten Free
🧀 Soy Free
🌱 Multi-Use Product
🌱 Fair Trade Organic Cashews
🌱 Healthy for you & the planet!
✅ Dry & Shelf Stable
✅ Store in a Cool, Dry Place
✅ Refrigerate After Opening 

*Cashews, Nutritional Yeast, Salt, *Onion Powder, *Garlic Powder, *Black Pepper & *Turmeric.
*Organic Ingredients
Contains Tree Nuts: (Cashews)
Manufactured in a shared use facility

About Everything Cheeze

Raw Vegan

Everything Cheeze is sold as a raw vegan Cashew Parmesan Alternative. We use vegan, plant-based, and dairy-free interchangably.

Gluten Free

Everything Cheeze is naturally gluten free. It is made from the highest quality healthy plant-based ingredients.


Everything Cheeze is primarily a Cashew Parmesan Alternative, but it is also a multi-use product. Everything Cheeze can be hydrated and blended into a Queso, Ricotta, or Mac & Cheeze Sauce in 30 seconds (Multi-Use Recipes).


Everything Cheeze is inherently sustainable with its plant-based organic ingredients and long shelf-life. It is made with the highest quality fair-trade organic cashews. Everything Cheeze is the gold standard across the board.